Cultural Subversion at JC Penney’s

I bought clothes recently.

The entire time I was at that insipid place I kept looking at these brand advertisements they had. It was almost always African males dressed in polos, khakis, and various sorts of business casual apparel.

I saw this one picture with some half caste looking Congoid dressed in a collared shirt, skinny white shorts, and leather sandals, holding a coffee mug and smiling down at a dog. They were at a river or lake that White people might visit on weekends.

I normally roll my eyes at the various bizarre attempts to corrode the fabric of White American identity, because we’ve seen most of it before, but something about this really irritated me. It felt like they’d paid someone to periodically shake me by the shoulders and scream into my face, ” BLACK PEOPLE ARE ACTUALLY SUCCESSFUL WHITE SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS FROM NEW ENGLAND!!!!!!”

As if all of reality would simply melt away by showing me a Black man in business casual.


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