An Important Question

Is it possible that everyone who will hate Trump in November already hates him as of August?


A) The Left has already fully exhausted the race card by convincing every “antiracist” that Trump is terrible, and

B) he continues down his recent path of playing the moderate,

then I can only imagine his support rising by comparison to Hillary’s.

I want to believe that the Marxists and nihilists and other breeds of globalist have exhausted their ammunition by now. This is perhaps overly optimistic. But I imagine Julian Assange and Juanita Broaddrick doing much more damage to Hillary’s campaign than John Oliver to Trump’s.

What do you guys think? I have to imagine that everyone who could be convinced not to vote for Trump on the grounds that he is (allegedly) a racist or crazy or whatever is already not voting for him, and for that reason. If this is true, then his support should only go up.


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